Manning Leonard Krull

The short version:

I'm a New York-based technology director, web designer/ developer, and occasional illustrator. I was a freelance web consultant in Paris for about five years, but nowadays I'm working full-time for an ad agency in New York. Thanks for stopping by! How've you been?

The long-ish version:

Whereabouts — I've been in New york since 2010; before that I was in France for five years. I'm still in love with Paris and I maintain a website about it called Cool Stuff in Paris. Before Paris, I lived in Philadelphia. I was born in New Jersey.

Work — I've been making websites and other digital media professionally since 1997(!). My career path has gone something like this: I started out as a full-time illustrator for an internet startup in my early twenties — this was the pre-dotcom-boom era — then I taught myself Photoshop and started doing web design (1997-ish), then learned front-end web development on my own and started designing and building websites from start to finish (~2000). I did that for many years, and then ended up becoming a full-time front-end web developer for a while when I moved to NYC (2010), and then in 2012 I took on the role of technology director for an ad agency in New York. I'm now the manager of a digital development department that produces websites, iPad apps, etc, and I consult on various interactive technologies. I still love designing and coding stuff myself whenever I get the chance, hence this website and my many personal projects.

Art — I hesitate to ever call myself an artist, but various artistic pursuits been a major focus for me for most of my life. I've self-published a bunch of comics, I've done lots of freelance illustration here and there over the years, I used to do a lot of pixel art and casual game design, and in the last few years I've been obsessed with making papier-maché masks and sculptures.

Travel — Travel is a big part of my life, and I did a tremendous amount of wandering during the time that I lived oversease. I've visited about twenty European countries in the last decade, mostly while I was based in Paris. My favorite place in the world is always France, but some of my other favorite places that I've been are Sarajevo, Budapest, Berlin, Istanbul, Sevilla, and all over the Transylvanian countryside in Romania. Visiting the ruins of Vlad the Impaler's castle in the middle of nowhere is probably my favorite travel memory so far. My favorite non-European place I've visited is Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. My favorite city in America by far is New Orleans, and I head down there at least a couple times a year.

Fun facts — (Okay, they're not really all that fun.) I played the Pirate King in my high school's production of Pirates of Penzance. I haven't owned a pair of jeans in over twenty years. One time I met Elvis Costello and I asked him if he wanted to be in my band (note: I did not even have a band at the time). I can juggle a little bit, but I usually only do it when I'm drunk. My favorite foods are sushi and pumpkin pie, but probably not together. I mentally collect coincidences; one time in a hostel in Transylvania I met a Canadian woman who, it turned out, used to live in my apartment in Paris — scary! I played the cello throughout most of my youth. Nowadays I like to play the guitar (badly) and sing (even worse). I speak French fluently. In 2011 I was featured in Time Out New York's "Most Stylish New Yorkers," which is absurd.

Other blogs — I maintain a site called Cool Stuff in Paris, which I try to update as frequently as possible. I also have a blog about the historical Dracula called Dracula: History & Myth. I blog about my paper maché art projects, Halloween stuff, etc at Manning Makes Stuff.

Other places to find meTwitter | Instagram | Tumblr | LinkedIn | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube | Flickr

Contact — Please feel free to write me at manning@manningkrull.com.

In closing — I'm sorry, what was your question?

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